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Safety Policy
      It is the policy of J & B Mechanical, LLC to insure the safest possible working environment for the customer and it's employees.

      To this end we are committed to maintain a pro-active, ongoing, and effective injury and loss program designed to protect J & B Mechanical personnel and others from injury or occupational illness and to protect equipment and property from loss or damage. J & B Mechanicals' safety program is developed and implemented to accomplish our goal of zero work injuries/illnesses and zero incidents.

      Safety is one of J & B Mechanical's highest priorities. Management is committed to operate under the highest safety standards available while holding it's self and employees accountable to these standards.

      For any safety program to be effective, all employees must become involved in there employers safety efforts and each employee must be committed to working safely. Management has and accepts the overall responsibility for safety and implementation of the safety efforts for the company. Employees have and must accept there responsibility to work safely, comply our company safety policy, state and federal safety regulations, and assist fellow employees in there safety efforts. Through these efforts we can accomplish our goals, and provide for safe and producative employment for everyone.

      The safety program contained within this policy applies to all J & B Mechanical employees. The rules and requirements covered in this program are not all inclusive. Additional safety programs, training, and safe job procedures will be required in addition to these basic program elements.
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1618 O'Bryne St. Henderson, KY 42420 P. (270) 830-7000 F. (270) 830-7004
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